DNC Response to Chris Christie Interview

Tonight, Chris Christie was interviewed on Fox News by Megyn Kelly and proved once again that his ambition is clouding his judgment. Below are responses from DNC National Press Secretary Holly Shulman on the key issues discussed:

On Christie’s belief that New Jersey doesn’t want him to run for President because they like him too much: “Right. Probably has nothing to do with gross fiscal and economic mismanagement that led to a record nine credit downgrades, huge budget shortfall that he slashed pension payments to fill, lagging job growth, or skyrocketing property tax hikes.  It’s because they love him.”

On Christie’s opposition to a pathway to citizenship: “This is Christie’s latest desperate attempt to put his political ambitions above the interests of everyone else and attract the most extreme members of the Republican party to his failing campaign for President. It won’t work for Christie or any other Republican running for President.”

Regardless of whether or not there will be any further indictments in the Bridgegate scandal: “Chris Christie is kidding himself if he thinks he’s disconnected from the Bridgegate scandal. A majority of New Jersey voters believe that Governor Christie personally knew that his aides were causing the traffic jam. But while the scandal has hurt his credibility with voters, it’s his reckless policies that drove New Jersey into the ground that disqualify him from higher office.”

On foreign policy: “All Chris Christie has to show for himself on foreign policy is a series of embarrassing headlines and lack of understanding for our nation’s role in the world. He’s turned to George W. Bush’s policy advisers for help and fumbled his way through a few trips abroad to try and get smarter on foreign policy. That strategy has backfired, and shows he can’t be taken seriously on world affairs.”


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