NHDP - Chris Christie's Embarrassing Foreign Policy Record

Chris Christie wants you to think that he’s ready to be commander in chief based on a few flimsy foreign policy statements that he made today. And while Granite Staters comb through a speech that only amounts to lip service, they should keep in mind his past embarrassing foreign policy fumbles.
Chris Christie has embarrassed himself abroad…
Star-Ledger: Christie's U.K. trip a 'failure,' presidential scholars say
" ‘I think the trip was an utter failure,’ said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University and the author of bestseller, ‘The Reagan Diaries.’… ‘Instead, he came across like a bull carrying his own china shop with him,’ Brinkley said.”
Asbury Park Press: INGLE: Christie’s long week: Tragedy or farce?
On Christie’s U.K. trip: “It was billed as a ‘trade mission’ but believed by most to be an effort to pad his thin foreign relations experience as he seeks the 2016 GOP nomination for president. It was a disaster. His foreign resume is still lacking. And now people doubt the image he carefully crafted as a regular guy with regular guy tastes.”
The Record: Mexico trip showcases Christie skill at ducking the “big things”
“The self-described straight talker – the one who isn’t afraid to tackle the ‘big issues’ – adamantly refuses to offer any insights on immigration reform, even though he’s a short plane ride away from the epicenter of the crisis, the U.S. border with Mexico.”
… he has repeatedly not known the answers on how he’d handle foreign policy as commander in chief…

On how seriously he takes foreign policy: “I haven’t given any deep thought to foreign policy,” Christie admitted.
His response to whether or not Congress should approve an AUMF for ISIS: “At some point I just got to get to my car and go home.”
On how to handle Iran’s nuclear program: “I'm not the right person to be asking that question to.”
His response to questions regarding diplomatic and security issues in Israel: “I am not going to stand here and pretend I have answers to questions that people with more experience than me don’t know.”
… and has even been taking foreign policy advice from George W. Bush's advisers.
Lack of substance and policy speeches full of holes are nothing new for Chris Christie. He’s just as inexperienced on foreign policy as he’s always been, and one speech won’t change that.