NH GOP - Urgent Second Amendment Issue


Governor Maggie Hassan has threatened to veto bipartisan legislation that would reform New Hampshire concealed carry laws.

Law abiding Granite Staters already have the right to carry, but need to ask permission to carry in their cars, under a jacket, or in a purse. Too often, local officials deny or delay permits for no good reason. This commonsense legislation would address this problem and ensure that Granite Staters have the basic right to self-defense.


Maggie's motives are clear - she is trying to cozy up to radical, out of state, big money gun control groups that want to restrict our Second Amendment rights. She is desperate to get her hands on the millions of dollars that gun grabbers like liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will funnel into her campaign coffers as she plots a run for the United States Senate.


Maggie's gun control allies have already spent millions in New Hampshire, and intend to spend even more. Even worse, these discredited groups have held events in our state to push their radical agenda that have honored thugs, murderers and terrorists including the Boston Marathon bomber.

We need your help to fight Maggie's dangerous gun control allies and elect more pro-Second Amendment Republicans in 2016. Please click here to help us by contributing $50, $75 or $100.




Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican State Committee