CEI Today: Obama's pollinator plan, a windfall profits tax, not-so-secret trade negotiations, and a new gov't bailout

Thursday, May 21, 2015
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Pollinator "Strategy": Pork Barrel, Handouts, and Counterproductive Pesticide Policy


The Obama administration has finally released its National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and other Pollinators. It’s the federal government’s answer to all the hype found in the news related to the health on the nation’s honeybee hives. While it’s not clear what it will achieve for the bees, we can be sure it comes with lots of pork-barrel spending, government handouts, and shortsighted pesticide polices that undermine food production. > Read more



Tom Steyer’s Windfall Profits Tax: Recyling Junk Policy

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer has said he’s considering getting an oil-extraction tax added to next year’s California ballot, the Sacramento Bee reports. If Steyer is serious about raising billions for California coffers, he should dump the failed windfall profits tax approach, urge State policymakers to allow new offshore oil production, and urge Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C. to let States share Outer Continental Shelf oil revenues with the federal government.
He won’t, of course. Rather, he’ll continue to advocate policies that would drive capital out of oil and gas. > Read more 



Sen. Warren Gets Hit on Trade Issues

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus (May 20, 2015) took on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) contention that trade agreements are being negotiated in secret, with multinational corporations calling the shots. Warren, the populist flavor of the month, has been leading a campaign against trade deals and against Trade Promotion Authority, all in the name of confronting greedy multinational corporations and helping U.S. workers. Marcus could have gone even further in putting to rest Warren’s charge that trade agreements are being negotiated in secret.
 > Read more

> Interview Fran Smith



Johnson-Crapo's Reemergence Ruins Reg Relief Bill
Senate Banking Chairman Dick Shelby's new bill -- scheduled to be marked up on Thursday -- contains a "reform" section that would expand the government's role in housing by converting Fannie and Freddie into a government backstop for big banks that securitize mortgages. They would also abrogate contracts to Fannie and Freddie shareholders in order to pay for this new bailout. > Read more

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
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The Constitutional Limits of the
Endangered Species Act

What limits does the Constitution place on federal regulations under the ESA? Should Congress resolve that issue instead of the courts? Would endangered species be better protected or worse off if PETPO prevails in court or S. 1142 is enacted?
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