Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today released the following statement on the Clinton campaign's "anonymous" press conference call. The Nashua Telegraph today criticized the Clinton campaign for summoning the New Hampshire media to a conference call with senior Clinton advisors and then demanding that the names of the people on the call be withheld in their reporting. The Telegraph called the stunt "the antithesis of what the New Hampshire primary is about."


"Hillary Clinton continues to insult New Hampshire voters with her lack of access, her contrived photo opportunities and her unwillingness to answer questions from voters or members of the media. This anonymous conference call stunt is unheard of in New Hampshire politics, and it shows voters that Secretary Clinton isn't even trying to keep up the appearance of a grassroots campaign as she anticipates her coronation," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Republican candidates respect the New Hampshire Primary process, and they are coming to our state to meet with voters, take questions and share their vision for the future of our country. We are proud to contrast their focus on grassroots campaigning with Hillary Clinton's arrogant effort to undermine the traditions of our First in the Nation Primary."


Even Democrats are complaining about Hillary Clinton's elitist campaign. Earlier this week, former New Hampshire Democrat gubernatorial nominee Arnie Arneson told the Boston Globe that when it comes to Clinton this year, Democrat activists "feel like we don't matter...I feel like she doesn't realize it is personal in New Hampshire."