CEI Today: EPA's waters, Obama's regulatory agenda, Endangered Species Act, and more

Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Daily Caller: EPA Grants Itself Power To Regulate Ponds, Ditches, Puddles
The EPA has released its Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule critics say would allow the agency to regulate waterways previously not under federal jurisdiction, including puddles, ditches and isolated wetlands. 

“Rather than clarifying the Clean Water Act, today’s ‘interpretive’ guideline from the EPA called the ‘Waters of the United States’ rule entrenches the confused, case-by-case ‘significant nexus’ approach employed by the EPA and USACE,” William Yeatman, a policy analyst at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute said in an emailed statement. > Read the Daily Caller news report


Forbes: New Obama Regulatory Agenda Shows Uptick In Costly Rules
In the just-released spring 2015 Unified Agenda of Federal Regulations (Agenda), a roundup published twice a year by the Office of Management and Budget, federal departments and agencies have 3,260 rules flowing through the pipeline at various stages, many of them holdovers from earlier volumes.
The overall count is down–but that obscures an increase in the more costly rules.  > Read more

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Washington, DC


The Constitutional Limits of the
Endangered Species Act

What limits does the Constitution place on federal regulations under the ESA? Should Congress resolve that issue instead of the courts? Would endangered species be better protected or worse off if PETPO prevails in court or S. 1142 is enacted?
> RSVP & more info: KAP@pacificlegal.org

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