Watchdog - Elizabeth Warren, the real estate profiteer


Elizabeth Warren, the real estate profiteer


Fun fact: Before the crash that she blamed on speculators, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a bundle by flipping houses.

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Logogate: Tennessee has 8 graphic artists on state payroll, records show

Tennessee officials paid a private firm $46,000 to create a new state logo that has become a subject of mockery on social media. It doesn't help that the state already has eight graphic artists and designers on the payroll.
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Governor vetoes civil asset forfeiture reform in wake of Baltimore riots


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has rejected a bill designed to curb civil asset forfeiture abuse, arguing that it would inhibit local law enforcement agencies.



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Michigan’s economic recovery more than just the auto industry

As Michigan experiences significant economic growth, it's easy to point to the state's auto industry as the reason why, but that's only part of the story.
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Civil asset forfeiture, Minorities demand school choice, and more
The use of civil asset forfeiture by local police departments to help pad their own bottom lines has become the subject of national conversation, in large part due to stories like this one from of Richland, Mississippi.


Don’t expect another big drop at the gas pump after June OPEC meeting
By all indications, OPEC honchos won’t make any changes from their decision in November, so don't expect another big decline in oil prices.


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‘Slap in the face:’ Mother questions committee assignment for medical cannabis bill
Lolly Bentch has spent years lobbying Pennsylvania lawmakers to approve the use of medical cannabis. The Senate finally passed a bill to do just that, but its prospects in the House look dire.