AUFC - PICTURES: NH Climate Change Voters Pursue Scott Walker

Will Gov. Walker Answer for His Koch-Backed, Big Oil-Approved Agenda – or Give the Cold Shoulder? 





Laconia, NH – As Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) prepares to keynote a fundraising cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee, local climate voters are hot on his trail on a mobile inflatable iceberg, representing the melting polar icecaps, hoping to get some straight answers from the Wisconsin Governor on these key environmental questions:


1)      Other than signing the oil tycoon Koch brothers’ “no climate tax” pledge promising not to support any legislation that would raise revenue to combat climate change, what else did you, Governor Walker, promise the billionaire polluters to become their favored presidential candidate?

2)      Do you -- as your anti-environment policies would suggest -- count yourself among the Republican candidates who reject climate science despite the 97 percent agreement in the scientific community that climate change is real and man-made?

3)      You’ve been given millions of rea$on$ by the Koch Brothers to officially refuse to comply with the President’s climate action plan that would reduce carbon pollution by 30 percent by 2030  and create more than a quarter of a million jobs to the U.S. economy by 2040, according to a independent economic analysis.  Do you have any alternative plan – or is it unofficially ‘whatever the Kochs say”?

4)      Have you read the recent University of New Hampshire reports on climate change finding: “Rising seas pose significant risks to New Hampshire coastal communities and ecosystems, cultural resources and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and climate change-driven health impacts threaten to affect Granite State and New England residents who are vulnerable to rising temperatures, more precipitation and severe weather events”?  How would you address these problems as president, or do you even consider them to be problems?


5)      Considering that the oil baron Koch brothers have already spent millions of dollars backing your anti-environment, anti-worker agenda in Wisconsin and against efforts to recall you and have promised millions more await should you become the nominee, it’s clear they have a lot of money to burn. Do you really believe the Kochs and their Big Oil industry colleagues that pulled in companies pulled in $90 billion in profits last year need $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies every year? Would you as President sign or veto legislation repealing these wasteful Big Oil taxpayer subsidies?

The action was sponsored by Americans United for Change, the pro-environment group behind