Josiah Bartlett Center - Libertas Dinner and Charter School Funding

The Busy Month of June

There is a lot going on in the world of politics and policy right now. In this weekly update I want to make sure you know some of what’s going on inside the Bartlett center and state government. The state budget is coming to a head just as we are unfolding our annual Libertas dinner (June 17).

The dinner is of course a celebration of economic opportunity and freedom, this year honoring Steve Forbes who reminds us that “free people and free markets are the best answer in today’s economy.” But as our beloved Granite State finds itself at a crossroads, these are more than just words, they are a guide to the policy solutions we face. Too often politicians even here get caught up and decide that competition and supply and demand are outdated concepts. We’re on the other side whether it be alternatives in education or using competition and market forces to better your health care.

If you care to join us June 17 we will celebrate the Bartlett Center itself and our role reminding policy makers of time honored truths. And of course it is our annual fundraiser which helps one check at a time to provide us with the resources to simply exist and do the work that so many count on. Without an endowment or a government sponsor or a large benefactor, we count proving our worth to individuals, one at a time, each and every year – the market forces we extol in so many other areas. Consider joining us. It is in fact the most enjoyable event of the year. To buy your tickets online, click on the invite below. 
In the meantime, feel free to peruse information on the funding crisis facing charter schools and their students as well as our continuing efforts to sound the alarm about a very mediocre economy.  
Hope to see you soon,                                            



Senate's Charter School Funding would be Devastating

Oddly, State Senators who claim to be supportive of charter schools are doing their best to destroy them. Perhaps charter schools would have been better off to have outright enemies in charge rather than pretend supporters whose token gestures will do more to close these alternative schools than active opposition would.

After years of apathy toward charter schools, the state Senate has signaled its intention to out-mediocre the House and offer these schools the most nominal of Band-Aids that will help the schools almost not at all but create the tiniest of fig leafs for a handful of politicians.
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