Boston Globe - Recent Stories and Opinion in Politics, National and Foreign Affairs: May 2-May 4

Recent Stories and Opinion from The Boston Globe in Politics, National and Foreign Affairs: May 2-May 4


Fighting the lure of the galaxy of jihad
By Sally Jacobs, GLOBE STAFF
The Justice Department has launched a program in Boston to counter the lure of violent extremism spread by social media. Link

In N.H., Bernie Sanders asserts he’s a credible candidate
By James Pindell, GLOBE STAFF
The Vermont senator sought to convince voters he won’t be just the protest candidate against Hillary Clinton, but her credible alternative. Link
Ground Game: Inside the Presidential Primaries with the Boston Globe
By James Pindell, GLOBE STAFF
The N.H. Connectors: People who know people in the primary
By Akilah Johnson, GLOBE STAFF
These Granite Staters serve as political connectors — and each comes with a hefty rolodex of good people to know if you're running for president. Link

Behind the trade deal that pits Warren against Obama
By Evan Horowitz, GLOBE STAFF
President Obama says the deal will help US influence in the Pacific, while Senator Warren says it puts big business ahead of the American public. Link

Globe Opinion

Censorship is at play in Baltimore’s crisis
By Jeff Jacoby, GLOBE Columnist
The outcry over the word “thugs” is part of a larger trend of that threatens the marketplace of ideas. Link
Redesigned Boston Globe Opinion to Launch on 5/5
ON MAY 5, the Boston Globe will launch a fresh redesign of the print editorial and op-ed pages. Link

Globe Magazine

What’s so bad about free-range parenting?
By Jill Radsken, GLOBE COrrespondent
Looking at the controversy over child supervision — or lack of it. Link
Pro-life anxiety over Pope Francis’ looming ecological manifesto
By John L. Allen Jr., Associate Editor
The unreleased encyclical is generating significant criticism, not just from secular skeptics, but also from within the Church. Link