NH House - Concurred bills

The Senate has concurred on the following Senate bills amended by the House:

SB 264 relative to tipped employees.

SB 14 making technical corrections to the laws relative to the judicial council and repealing a limitation on compensation of counsel for indigent defendants.

SB 20 establishing a commission on historic burial grounds and cemeteries.

SB 70  relative to the processing of lobster tail

SB 80 relative to the state trails plan and establishing a committee on rail trails.

SB 98 relative to third party review required by the planning board.

SB 148 relative to the shellfish inspection program.


There will be a committee of conference on:

SB 97 authorizing municipalities to adopt ordinances to regulate storm water to comply with federal permit requirements.


The House has concurred on the following House bills amended by the Senate:

HB 122 relative to advertising of liquor or beverages.

HB 126 establishing a commission to study issues related to students receiving special education services while attending a chartered public school.

HB 134 establishing a committee to study the use of motorized scooter chairs on roadways and sidewalks.

HB 140  relative to appointment of inspectors of election.

HB 196 requiring the removal of identifying features from vehicles formerly used as ambulances.

HB 279 establishing a commission to study the economic impact of the arts and culture in New Hampshire.

HB 382  establishing a committee to study facilitating private investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

HB 510  establishing a commission to study the regulation of pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, and junk or scrap metal dealers.