NRSC - Gov Hassan Skipped Work For Out Of State Fundraisers



WASHINGTON – After skipping work last week for fundraisers in Kentucky and Texas, Democrat Maggie Hassan is back in the Granite State. According to reports Hassan was spotted in Kentucky and Texas over the past few days.  

As the Associated Press reports:

“Hassan Spent Part Of Thursday And Friday In Louisville, Kentucky, And Will Attend Another Event In Dallas On Saturday.” (Hassan Travels For Democratic Governors Association Events, The Associated Press, 05/02/15)

Notably, Hassan’s budget called for a taxpayer funded chief operating officer (COO), which would ensure that someone is running New Hampshire while she hangs out with liberal donors.

“It’s not even campaign season and Maggie Hassan is already skipping work to attend out of state fundraisers,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “With Hassan plotting her pathway out of New Hampshire, it’s no wonder she requested a taxpayer funded COO to run the state.”


Governor Hassan’s Budget Proposes Spending $1.4 Million To Establish An Office For A New Chief Operating Officer. “Hassan’s budget also includes nearly $1.4 million over two years to pay for a chief operating officer and two staff members, and to establish an ‘innovation fund’ intended to make government more efficient.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “N.H. Still Weighing Support For Casino,” The Associated Press, 2/18/15) 

The Union Leader Called Hassan’s Proposal “Absurd” And “Ridiculous.” “This even beats her political pandering of including in the same budget $4 million that the state does not have to study a pie-in-the-sky railroad line that is also going nowhere fast. In fact, people who sincerely believe in the train idea should be furious with Hassan for lumping their train in with the absurd COO position… And now Gov. Hassan wants to create an unelected chief operating officer to operate the state while she does what, exactly? The idea is ridiculous.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,” Union Leader, 2/21/15)