Dreamers Release Immigration Policy Memo Outlining what Latinos Expect from Next President

Next president must keep DACA and DAPA and expand executive actions”
LAS VEGAS, NV -- Hilary Clinton is in Nevada to meet with undocumented people to discuss immigration reform. With recent encouraging quotes from Jeb Bush, we know the key GOP candidates will also want to hear what our community expects from them.

The Dream Action Coalition has written an open letter that outlines expectations for policy changes that should come from the next President of the United States and calling on others to join the letter. READ POLICY MEMO & LETTER HERE

“President Obama acted because of the pressure of Dreamers, the Latino and immigrant community; it's up to us to keep reminding both parties that the next president not only needs to keep DACA and DAPA, but also expand on executive action in the face of congressional inaction,” said Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of the Dream Action Coalition. 

"It is a great step for Hillary Clinton to start talking about immigration and meeting with Dreamers and those affected by a broken immigration system. When she does start talking about the issue, however, we need to hear that she is committing to further executive solutions, not just urging Congressional Republicans to pass immigration reform; whatever happens there, we will at least need temporary measures to bridge the gap for those who would qualify,” said Erika Andiola, co-Director of the Dream Action Coalition.


Dreamers Cesar Vargas and Monica Reyes confronting Hillary on deportations:
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