NHDP - NHGOP Renews Extreme Position on Women’s Health

Forces Apology from Party Official for Supporting Planned Parenthood
Concord, N.H. – The New Hampshire Republican Party doubled down on its extreme position on women’s health this week, forcing RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey to issue an apology and admit he made a mistake for supporting Planned Parenthood.
NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn issued a statement saying, “we appreciate that Steve admitted that he made a mistake,” but even after forcing an apology, some NHGOP executive committee members are still “raising questions,” and suggested they could take further action at the NHGOP’s next executive meeting.
This latest anti-choice episode from the NHGOP follows the party’s decision to amend its official platform last September to include support for fetal “personhood” rights. Similar measures have been defeated in a number of states, including Mississippi, because they “could ban some forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization.”
“It’s astonishing but not surprising that the New Hampshire Republican Party believes that support for women’s health is a ‘mistake’ that requires an apology,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price. “Planned Parenthood provides critical health services for New Hampshire women and families including cancer screenings, breast exams and birth control, and Granite Staters will hold New Hampshire Republican Party leader Kelly Ayotte and GOP presidential hopefuls accountable for their party’s out-of-touch position on women’s health.”