NHDP - And the award goes to... Carly Fiorina! One of the "worst CEOs of all time"

Today’s Washington Post Fact Checker: Carly Fiorina’s misleading claims about her business record

Carly Fiorina is back in New Hampshire again today to keynote the Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in Manchester, which is strange considering Carly Fiorina’s terrible track record in business. She was even once called one of the “worst CEOs of all time”.
And today, Carly Fiorina’s claims about her business record earned her “three Pinocchios” from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker. According to Fact Checker, her claims to double HP’s size to $90 billion, quadruple HP’s growth rate, triple HP’s rate of innovation, and grow jobs “either lack significant context or resulted from a creative cherry-picking of the facts.”
Here are a few lowlights on her time in business:

  • Fired 30,000 employees and oversaw sharp declines in Hewlett-Packard stock, all while taking home millions of dollars.
  • Signed off on a disastrous merger with Compaq in 2002, dubbed a failure.
  • According to an expert at the Yale School of Management, “she sliced shareholder wealth in half and had a reign of terror that was infamous for its scapegoating, finger-pointing culture.”
  • Her spin-off of key components of HP is considered one of “Tech’s all-time top 25 flops.” 
  • Carly Fiorina accepted a $21 million “golden parachute” to leave the company, after she had laid off tens of thousands of workers and run HP into the ground.
  • When it was announced that Carly Fiorina was fired, HP stock actually rebounded.

Recently, David Packard’s grandson and Mayor of Carmel, CA said “she did damage to a great company and I don’t want to see her do damage to a great country.” We couldn’t agree with him more.