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Don't Pay Attention to the Budget Debate, It Doesn't Matter

The state budget is a pitched battle fought tooth and nail where the warriors largely agree. Posturing and the art of a press statement are more important than information. In reality, verbally armed camps will give way to easy agreement over all but one or two differences. Vetoes, stalemates, and months of budget-less government are much less likely than annoying-but-meaningless press releases you can safely ignore. Click here to keep reading.

From the Archives: What Happens if New Hampshire
Doesn't Have a Budget by June 30?

{Author’s note: June 2015. This piece was originally written during the 2013 budget process when there was a possibility that June 30th would arrive without new budget being passed. With the possibility of a gubernatorial veto this budget cycle and all of the below still holding true (though the opponents have changed), we brought this piece from the archives}

What happens if there is no state budget by June 30? With the House and Senate at such odds on the matter, it is a distinct possibility. It would not be that unusual either. New Hampshire has resorted to temporary budget six times since the end of World War II: 1949, 1955, 1959, 1971, 1977, and 2003. Click here to keep reading.


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