FreeKeeneNews - Manchester Activists Burn US Flags for Flag Day

Manchester liberty activists celebrated Flag Day yesterday by releasing a video showing them setting more than one United States flag ablaze.  Anticipating the inevitable backlash of anger, media personality Shire Dude (aka Andrew Vermiglio) made this statement via his blog post at Free Keene:

To The Offended Viewer:
Some of the folks in Manchester, New Hampshire have been burning tiny flags on holidays, but what does it mean?

Just like any icon, the flag symbolizes different things as it is interpreted by different people.  You may look at the flag and see a symbol of hope and freedom.  I do not share this view.  In my eyes, the flag is the banner of an oppressive, monolithic federal government.

This freedom to burn flags was not given to me; we are all born free. Isn’t that fantastic?

Shire Dude is available for interview.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or would like to interview him,

Ian Freeman