NRSC - Gov. Hassan Admits She Would Be Glad To Be The Veto Governor



Governor Hassan Admits She Would Be Glad To Be The Veto Governor

WASHINGTON –  As Republicans in the Legislature attempt to responsibly pass a budget and keep state government open, troubling words from Governor Hassan's past have many worried that she will shut down state government out of sheer partisanship. 

  • MAGGIE HASSAN: “I Would Be Rendered A Veto Governor, Something That I Would Be Glad To Do.’” (Paul Montgomery, “Hassan Vows To Reverse Cuts To Education That ‘Cut Muscle,’” The Union Leader, 9/19/12)

“It says a lot about Governor Hassan’s character that she proudly wants to be remembered as the veto governor,”said NRSC Jahan Wilcox. “Governor Hassan's deeply partisan bent shouldn't be reason enough to shut down the government."           


Governor Hassan Has Refused To Rule Out A Vetoing The State’s Budget Which Would Shut The Government Down. “Hassan has been highly critical of the $11.3 billion budget passed by the Senate, particularly its lack of funding for continuing the state’s Medicaid expansion program. Hassan says she hopes to work with Republican leadership on reaching a compromise on the budget, but has not ruled out a veto.” (Senate, House Leaders: Talk Of Government Shutdown 'Unfounded', New Hampshire Public Radio, 06/11/15)

State Senator Woodburn Said The Budget Is On The Brink Of A Hassan Veto. “During the Senate budget debate, the Democrats' Leader, Senator Jeff Woodburn said the budget ‘is on the brink of a veto.’” (State House Dome: Budget Compromise Faces Loose Deadline, Union Leader, Garry Rayno, 6/6/2015)