Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan's disastrous veto threat of the state budget:


"Weeks ago, Governor Hassan privately told the Democrat leadership in the State Senate that she had no intention of compromising and would veto a responsible, compromise budget from the legislature. Instead of working with the legislature to produce a responsible budget, Governor Hassan has embarked on a disgraceful statewide publicity tour that has focused on launching partisan political attacks instead of moving New Hampshire forward. Despite numerous concessions from the legislature, the governor has engaged in a reckless game of brinkmanship that has pushed our state to the verge of a crisis and is threatening core state services. It's time for the governor to avert a shutdown by rescinding her veto threat, stopping her petulant partisan attacks and working with the legislature on a responsible budget."



During the Senate budget debate, the Democrats' leader, Sen. Jeff Woodburn said the budget "is on the brink of a veto," (State House Dome: Budget compromise faces loose deadline, Union Leader, Garry Rayno, 6/6/2015)