NRSC - Gov. Hassan: I Have The Greatest Job In The World



WASHINGTON – As national Democrats continue to pressure Governor Hassan to run for Senate, yesterday at the Nashua Chamber Of Commerce Speech she proudly proclaimed that being the Governor of New Hampshire was the greatest job in the world. But she has refused to say whether she will run for re-election or for the United States Senate.  




“If Maggie Hassan is being honest and truly believes that being the Governor of New Hampshire is the greatest job in the world, then why is she eyeing a job in Washington?” asked NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “In the coming days we’ll learn if Hassan truly believes that being New Hampshire’s Governor is the greatest job in the world or if it's just a stepping stone to be Senator.” 



GOVERNOR MAGGIE HASSAN: “Well thank you. First of all yeah there are some challenges, but I would also say that this is the greatest job in the world and I’m incredibly privileged to have it.” (Maggie Hassan, Nashua Chamber Of Commerce, 06/16/15)


Governor Hassan Has Refused To Tell Voters What Office She Will Run For In 2016. "Hassan has said she’ll share her plans for 2016 when this budget is put to bed." (State Budget Negotiations Pose Political Test for Hassan, New Hampshire Public Radio, 06/14/15)