- Taxpayers back bad loans for country clubs, boats, wineries




Drink up! Taxpayers back bad loans for country clubs, boats, wineries


The Small Business Administration has backed loans for wineries, country clubs and boat dealers who couldn’t pay back the loans. There have been more than $8.7 billion in unpaid debts since taxpayers started partly funding the loans that are supposed to be covered by fees on lenders

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The rhetoric works: After Ebola scare, Congress to increase funding for NIH, CDC

In response to last year's Ebola scare, Congress has given its initial consent to more than $1.2 billion in additional spending on the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Vermont's middle class is hurting


Recent reports have highlighted the fact that Vermont’s middle class is dying faster than every other state but one – California.



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Six months after New Jersey red light cameras go dark, world hasn't ended

Red light cameras were supposed to reduce crashes in New Jersey and make people safer, but since cameras stopped issuing tickets, pedestrians and drivers may actually be less likely to get into an accident.
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Obamacare roadshow: Ohio Gov. John Kasich talks up ACA in North Carolina
Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s combination presidential campaign and Obamacare promo tour stopped this week in North Carolina. Gov. Kasich used his air-time defending the program’s benefits for drug addicts, the mentally ill and the working poor.