NH House Republican Majority Caucus comments on Veto threat

The House Republican Majority Caucus comments on Governor Hassan's threat to veto the state budget.
"The house and the senate conferee's have developed a sound and sensible budget that meets the needs of our state, while helping the most vulnerable. If fully funds adequacy education for all students and will help to make New Hampshire more competitive with our neighboring states by lowering the business tax burden that has kept many companies from locating in our state. By meeting all of the needs of our state, we are confident this budget is the beginning of making New Hampshire a place for jobs and growth."  Commented  Rep.    William L. O'Brien, Mont Vernon.  
Governor Hassan's veto threat of a carefully crafted responsible budget is a danger to our states credit rating.  Having a solid fiscal plan is critical to maintaining solid credit for our state.  If she vetos the budget, she is rejecting fully funding education adequacy for all students and helping our businesses.  There is no basis for her vetoing other than she didn't get added tax increases on our citizens."  stated Rep. Stephen Stepanek, Amherst.