NHDP - Charade Is Over, NHGOP Legislature Clearly Doesn’t Actually Support Critical Economic Priorities

Republican Legislature Announces Plan For Continuing Resolution That Cuts From Funding Levels In Their Own Proposed Budget
Concord, N.H. – NewHampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement following news that the Republican legislature plans to offer a continuing resolution that cuts from the funding levels in their own proposed budget:
“We can all agree that the charade is over, Republicans in the legislature clearly don’t support the critical economic priorities they claim they do.”
“If Republicans actually cared about priorities like substance misuse treatment, mental health services and seniors, they wouldn’t have proposed a budget that places all those services at risk because it is unbalanced – and they certainly wouldn’t have put forward a continuing resolution that cuts funding for those priorities below the levels in their own budget.”
“Even for Republicans in Concord, deliberately hurting New Hampshire’s people, businesses and economy so blatantly for their own partisan gain marks a new low. It’s long past time for Republicans to stop the political games and negotiate with Governor Hassan in good faith to pass a fiscally responsible and balanced budget that will move New Hampshire’s economy forward.”