Governor's veto sends legislative fiscal committee into action

Concord—In a matter of just a few hours after Governor Maggie Hasson vetoed the state budget and forced the state into a Continuing Resolution, the Legislative  Fiscal committee was forced to take action to allow a state agency to accept crucial federal funds.  “In what could be the first of many actions taken by the Fiscal committee as a result of the governor’s actions, I have authorized the addition of a late item to the  agenda,” said Chairman Neal Kurk (R-Weare).


The committee will be asked to approve the acceptance of $1,136,400 from the United States Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the purpose of distributing federal fisheries disaster relief funds to northeast multispecies commercial harvesters that were impacted by the federal fisheries disaster declared by the Secretary of Commerce in 2012.


“This is only the beginning of the risk that our governor has created for state agencies as to their ability to obtain federal funds,” added Kurk.  “Her decision to veto a balanced and well thought out state budget was short sighted at best.  While it certainly creates more work for our state agencies, the Legislative Fiscal committee stands ready to work with our agencies in matters such as this to ensure that state government continues to operate in an efficient manner,” concluded Kurk.


The Legislative Fiscal committee is scheduled to meet on Friday, June 26, 2015 at 10:00 AM in Rooms 210-211 of the Legislative Office Building in Concord.