Jindal For President - Excerpt of Governor Jindal's Remarks at Politics and Eggs Today

Today, Governor Jindal will deliver the following remarks on the Obamacare ruling at Politics and Eggs in New Hampshire:

  • The Obama Administration has hit rock bottom and come to the point where their definition of a good day is when they don't get over-ruled by the Supreme Court. (And by the way I disagree with the court's decision.)
  • Never mind the fact that Obamacare has driven the cost of health care plan through the roof.
  • Never mind the fact that Obamacare was sold to us on a blatant lie by the President who said if you like your health care you can keep it.
  • Never mind the fact that Obamacare is another entitlement program on top of the ones we already have that are going bankrupt.
  • Never mind the fact that Obamacare shoves many people into Medicaid, which is an outdated, one-sized-fits-all delivery system.
  • Never mind the fact that Obamacare is a loss of freedom that forces citizens and businesses under the penalty of law to buy insurance whether they want it or not.
  • Never mind the fact that the American people continue to say that they don't like Obamacare and they want it replaced.
  • None of that matters….the new definition of success for this President is that the court didn't over-rule him for once. This is nuts. Think about it.
  • They could pass a bill tomorrow increasing the income tax to 75% for everyone. It would be a terrible law. But the court wouldn't rule it illegal.
  • This Administration is so reduced that they don't evaluate success based on how it affects the American people, their new definition of success is merely legality. Pathetic.
  • Today the President said Obamacare is working even better than he expected it to. He is living in a bubble inside the White House in a dream world.