FreeKeeneNews - Gov Hassan Signs Free Stater's Bill, Ending Prohibition of Narcan

Free Stater's Bill Signed By Hassan, Ends Prohibition on Possession of Heroin Overdose-Countering Drug

Free State Project early mover Amanda Bouldin was elected in Manchester in 2014 as a state representative and one of the first things she did was file a bill, HB 271, that ends prohibition on possession of Narcan.  Narcan is a trade name for Naloxone which can be administered to counter the effects of an opioid overdose – saving lives.  Until now, Narcan could only be possessed legally by EMS and police.  Now anyone who acts with “good faith and reasonable care” may store or administer the life-saving drug to a person in overdose with no criminal or civil liability.  It’s a major change that will likely result in saving the lives of multiple heroin and other opiate addicts in New Hampshire.

Bouldin is also known for her Shire Sharing organization that feeds poor families on Thanksgiving each year across the state.

Not only is the ending of Narcan prohibition a major success for a freshman legislator, it’s a big win for the Free State Project, and more proof that the 1500 early movers continue to have a significant impact.  

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