NHDP - Fact Checking Scott Walker: The truth behind his misleading claims

CONCORD, N.H. - In today’s Union Leader, Scott Walker penned an op-ed that was, quite frankly, riddled with inaccuracies that glossed over the truth of the economic problems in Wisconsin. 

“While Scott Walker continues his campaign schedule around the country today, he can’t fool Granite Staters,” said Lizzy Price, Communications Director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “The real bottom line is that what Walker claimed as successes in Wisconsin are nothing but failures that have left the middle class including workers, seniors, and students further and further behind.”

Please see below for a fact check of today’s op-ed:


Walker Claim: “We turned that deficit into a surplus.”

Fact: Wisconsin faces a $2 billion budget deficit and Walker has skipped debt payments to make up for his irresponsible tax policies.


Walker Claim: “Third grade reading scores are higher.” 

Fact: According to Washington Post’s Fact Checker, Wisconsin’s fifth and eighth grade students’ reading scores fell between 2010 and 2014, showing “inconsistent performance among grade levels.”


Walker Claim: “In fact, Wisconsin has the second best ACT scores in the country for states where more than half the students take the exam.”

Fact: According to Washington Post’s Fact Checker, Wisconsin’s composite ACT score “has been the same compared to his first year in office.”


Walker Claim: “To make college more affordable for students and working families, we froze tuition. Plus, we invested in worker training and technical colleges to get people the education and skills needed for careers that pay two or three times the minimum wage.”

Fact: “Walker has proposed cutting $300 million over two years from the public university system, which some Republicans describe as too flush with cash and bloated with bureaucracy.” And “Walker proposed, and the Republican-controlled Legislature passed, a 30 percent cut in general aid to the state’s technical college system. That amounted to $71.6 million over two years.”


Walker Claim: “Bottom line: We found a way to fight and win for the hard-working taxpayers.”

Fact: Walker “calls for cuts to elderly prescription assistance, rural health centers, transportation projects and public schools,” further hurting Wisconsin’s middle class.

This is all while a recent study showed “that Wisconsin’s middle class — households earning between about $34,500 and $103,000 — has shrunk at a faster rate than any other state in the country.”