NH Senators Prescott, Feltes applaud passage of bill to protect electric ratepayers

Concord, NH - Senator Russell Prescott (R-Kingston) and Senator Dan Feltes (D-Concord) released a joint statement on the passage of Senate Bill 170, which provides increased protections for New Hampshire’s electric ratepayers.

“We are pleased to see both Republicans and Democrats come together to adopt SB 170, which provides greater transparency and information to electricity consumers and much needed consumer protection at the Public Utilities Commission (Commission) for residential customers.”

 “Knowledge is power and as we move to greater competition in the electricity market, more transparency and more information will not only better inform consumers, but it will help drive down prices.  Additionally, residential electric customers in the competitive market, many of whom are seniors on fixed incomes, will now have access to justice at the Commission with much needed consumer protection, helping to curb unfair and deceptive practices targeting vulnerable customers.”

Senator Russell Prescott is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 170 and Senator Dan Feltes is a member of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee where this bipartisan legislation was first discussed.