Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today reset the Governor Hassan Shutdown Clock featured on www.nhgop.org after Governor Hassan vetoed the budget and signed a six-month continuing resolution. The clock will continue to serve as a reminder that Governor Hassan's politically-motivated actions have threatened state services and caused uncertainty for New Hampshire job creators as she plots a campaign for the United States Senate.


"Governor Hassan's irresponsible veto of the Legislature's budget has threatened core services and blocked efforts to cut taxes and create more good paying jobs. New Hampshire is facing months of fiscal uncertainty because of Governor Hassan's failed leadership and unwillingness to compromise," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Now more than ever, New Hampshire deserves a full time governor instead of a calculating politician who is obsessed with plotting her next career move. It's time for Governor Hassan to put partisan politics aside, rule out a United States Senate campaign and devote her full attention to fixing the budget crisis that she created."


The Nashua Telegraph blasted Hassan's partisanship and politically-motivated veto in a scathing editorial in Sunday's edition.


"It's Hassan who so far is firing off the harshest rhetoric and appears most motivated by political ambition," wrote the Telegraph, referencing Hassan's plans to run for United States Senate in 2016. "And that's why the governor needs to be careful. If she pushes too hard, she becomes just another politician sacrificing her commitment to bipartisanship simply to advance her political career." 


Hassan has refused to follow the bipartisan example set by her predecessor, former Democrat Governor John Lynch. Despite disagreements with the FY 12-13 biennium budget crafted by a Republican legislature, Lynch refused to veto it because of the long-term risk to state government. He worried that a veto could lead to an eventual shutdown and would "create chaos in state government" if a budget was not in place by July 1.


As of this writing, there are 184 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes until Governor Hassan's Government Shutdown.