NRSC - TELEGRAPH: Hassan's Veto "Motivated By Political Ambition"



Hassan Is "Sacrificing Her Commitment To Bipartisanship Simply To Advance Her Political Career"

WASHINGTON - Following Governor Maggie Hassan's disastrous veto of the Legislature's responsible budget, the Nashua Telegraph took her to task for "firing off the harshest rhetoric", saying she "appears most motivated by political ambition". The Telegraph called out Hassan's hypocrisy for touting bipartisanship during her campaign, but abandoning that commitment after taking office "simply to advance her political career."

  • "During her election campaigns and throughout her first term, the governor crowed about how New Hampshire wasn’t like Washington. Here, she said, Democrats and Republicans are willing to work together to solve problems in constructive and non-confrontational way. What happened?"
  • " far is firing off the harshest rhetoric and appears most motivated by political ambition. Hassan knows she’ll need the support of state employees to make a Senate bid, so the pay raise is crucial if – as many believe – she makes a run at Sen. Kelly Ayotte. It’s not the elephant in the room; it’s the whole safari. And that’s why the governor needs to be careful. If she pushes too hard, she becomes just another politician sacrificing her commitment to bipartisanship simply to advance her political career." (Editorial, Stopgap budget is not governing, The Nashua Telegraph, 06/27/15)

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