NH Sen Forrester applauds Senate passage of responsible budget

Supports NH citizens, businesses and a stronger future in NH

Concord, NH – The Senate today passed HB 1 and HB 2 which make up a responsible $11.3 billion budget that meets New Hampshire’s critical needs.  

Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester released a statement following the bills’ passage.

“ I applaud and thank my Senate colleagues for all of their hard work and support in passing a responsible budget that focuses on creating jobs and on the needs of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens,” said Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith).

“The Senate Finance committee listened intently  to the concerns voiced by our citizens and small businesses and developed a budget that not only provides for their current needs, but includes long-term initiatives that will continue to improve the state of New Hampshire well into the future.”

“The Senate Budget is thoughtful, conservative, yet compassionate, and addresses priorities critical to growing jobs and strengthening the state’s economy.“

“This budget includes modest reductions to our state’s business taxes starting in 2017 that will enhance job growth and restore a competitive business climate in the state. The Senate budget doubles the state’s Rainy Day Fund, which works to protect taxpayers from unexpected economic downturns, while strengthening the state’s economic base,” Forrester added.

“This budget also restores funding to critical services, like Meals on Wheels, ServiceLink, Developmental Disability services and the waitlist, which provide for the basic needs that allow seniors and those with developmental disabilities to have increased independence and a greater quality of life.”

“I am particularly proud that this budget re-establishes the Alcohol Fund and provides $42.1 million in drug and alcohol abuse treatment and prevention initiatives across state departments that will work to fight the serious heroin and opioid abuse issues facing all of our cities and towns.”

“The Senate budget also provides additional funding to Higher Education and public education at the town level, fully funds Homeland Security, and enables Highway Funds to be directed towards maintaining critical roads and bridges infrastructure.”

“The Senate budget is a responsible solution that provides for the citizens of our state while strengthening the economic foundation for business in our state.  I hope to see the Governor‘s support of a budget that betters the state of New Hampshire.”