Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding the passage of a Senate budget:


"In contrast to Governor Hassan's proposed tax hikes, Senate Republicans have passed a thoughtful, balanced budget that would grow the economy, create new jobs and lower taxes on New Hampshire families. Under Governor Hassan, job growth in New Hampshire ranks near the bottom - 41st out of 50 states; Senate Republicans' budget represents a victory for New Hampshire and a clear path forward in reversing that trend. For months, Governor Hassan has preferred partisan attacks rather than honest debate. Thankfully, Senate Republicans have demonstrated the leadership that Governor Hassan hasn't by providing a clear plan to grow New Hampshire's economy."




"Adding to arguments that New Hampshire's economy could use some added oomph, a newly released analysis of post-Great Recession job growth in all 50 states puts the Granite State near the bottom of the pack." (Jeff Feingold, "Study finds NH could do better when it comes to job growth," NHBR, 5/28/15)