NH Rebellion - On July 4th, Hundreds to Celebrate the Declaration of Independence

Public Reading of Declaration of Independence Concludes 36-mile “Walk for Independence” to Portsmouth, NH


PORTSMOUTH, NH -- After the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, prints were made, couriers dispatched, and the Declaration read in towns throughout the colonies, including Portsmouth.  This Saturday, July 4th, hundreds of citizen rebels again gather to hear the entire Declaration in Prescott Park as part of a new rebellion against big money politics.  


Hosted by the NH Rebellion, the reading of the Declaration of Independence will be done by former Democratic State Senator Burt Cohen and former Republican State Representative and Assistant US Secretary of State Betty Tamposi.  The cross-partisan reading and "Rally for Independence" come at the end of NH Rebellion’s July 4th “Walk for Independence” from Rochester and Hampton to Portsmouth.  The walks follow in the footsteps of legendary NH reformer Doris "Granny D" Haddock, who walked across the United States at the age of 90 to protest big money in politics.


"Just like in the American Revolution, the citizens are angry. Angry that their vote doesn't carry as much weight as a big corporation, which doesn't even have a vote,"  said Dan Weeks, a leader of the NH Rebellion.  "We're out to change that, and demand that candidates for office take action against this corruption when they get to office," he said.


The event begins at 4:30 as free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is served to walkers and anyone who attends the rally, followed by the reading of the Declaration at 5 p.m. and speakers from the NH Rebellion.   Citizens are still welcome to register for the free walk at walk.nhrebellion.org as well as attend the rally.


Lawrence Lessig, founder of the NH Rebellion, will be speaking at the rally.   Lessig is a Harvard Law School Professor and internationally known expert on intellectual property, but has turned his time to organizing against the influence of big money in politics.   His TED Talk "We the People" has had over 1.2 million views on YouTube and Lessig has spoken around the United States and with every major news outlet.  This will be the eighth large-scale walk of the NH Rebellion since 2014. NH Rebellion is part of Open Democracy, the NH nonpartisan organization dedicated to transparent and accountable governance.



4:30 PM – Walkers gather at Prescott Park (free Ben & Jerry's served)

5:00 PM – Rally for Independence featuring Declaration of Independence reading by Burt Cohen and Betty Tamposi, speech by Lawrence Lessig, theatrics
5:30 PM – Rally ends and walkers depart (free rides back to parking)



Rochester to Portsmouth Walk

6:30 AM – Breakfast and meeting at Rochester Commons (breakfast provided by Panera Dover)

7:00 AM – Kickoff at Rochester Commons with guest speakers

11:00 AM – Lunch at Dover Friends Meeting House

2:00 PM – Waypoint, Old General Sullivan Pedestrian Bridge

Hampton to Portsmouth Walk

10:00 AM – Kickoff at 229 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach (courtesy Panera)

12:50 PM – Waypoint at Rye Harbor State Park

1:25 PM – Waypoint at Wallis Sands Beach

2:25 PM – Waypoint at Moose Lodge, Portsmouth NH


For information on the NH Rebellion and its activities, see their website at NHRebellion.org