NH Sen. Forrester leads Senate Finance review of Legislature’s balanced budget

Forrester stands by balanced budget, as Hassan overspends.

Concord, NH – The Senate Finance Committee met today in a work session to discuss priorities and plans for moving forward with the legislative budget.

During today’s session, the non-partisan Legislative Budget Assistants Office (LBAO) presented an overview of the entire Legislature passed budget, noting that all spending lines had been accounted for and the budget is balanced.

“The Governor’s claims that the budget she vetoed is unbalanced and dishonest continue to be unfounded, misleading, and hurtful to the people of New Hampshire,” said Senate Finance Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith).

“We felt it was important to walk through and address the Governor’s concerns about the Legislature’s budget with LBAO to ensure and reiterate that the budget we produced is balanced. I stand by this proposal as a solid foundation that is good for the people and businesses in the State of New Hampshire,” added Forrester.

“We learned today that the Governor ignored the Department of Health and Human Services request to recognize a significant expenditure that may go beyond their appropriation in FY15. The Governor has a responsibility to be transparent about her overspending so that the Legislature can produce a budget that meets New Hampshire’s priorities while making sure we are spending within our means,” said Forrester.

Fiscal Year 2015 closes at midnight tonight. The LBAO notified the Senate Finance Committee that the Department of Administrative Services will provide unaudited spending numbers for FY15 by the end of September.

 “I remain concerned that people counting on funding in the Legislature’s budget will be hurt because of the Governor’s veto. If the Governor overspent her budget this year, we need to know before we can move forward and re-address the next budget,” Forrester concluded.