After Vetoing $18 Million To Combat Substance Abuse, Hassan Unaware Of Additional $12 Million Federal Grant


Concord - WMUR-TV last night reported that Governor Hassan was completely unaware that New Hampshire has received a $12 million grant for substance abuse prevention. This week, Vermont lawmakers celebrated receiving the same grant which will help double their partnerships on prevention. 


"At a time when law enforcement officials are asking for more resources to address our heroin crisis, our state needs a full-time governor who is focused on this serious problem. Governor Hassan's embarrassing admission that she didn't know about an important federal grant to combat substance abuse shows she is becoming increasingly detached from her official duties as she plots a campaign for United States Senate," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Elected officials in Vermont knew that their state had been awarded the same grant, so there is no good excuse for Governor Hassan's clueless response and failed leadership. It's time for the governor to stop planning her next political career move with Washington insiders and start focusing on issues that are important to New Hampshire."


Governor Hassan recently vetoed the state budget which included a 75% increase in funding to combat substance abuse.




WMUR: "Budget Stalemate In Concord Is Leaving Millions Of Dollars In Limbo." "Police and community leaders are calling for more help in the fight against heroin, but the budget stalemate in Concord is leaving millions of dollars in limbo." (Josh McElveen, "Budget battle slows funds for heroin treatment," WMUR, 7/9/15)

  • "New Hampshire...Received A $12 Million Grant Geared Toward Drug Prevention, The New Hampshire Governor's Office Didn't Know About It." "And while New Hampshire, just like Vermont, recently received a $12 million grant geared toward drug prevention, the New Hampshire governor's office didn't know about it." (Josh McElveen, "Budget battle slows funds for heroin treatment," WMUR, 7/9/15)
  • "'It's Time For The State Of New Hampshire To Step [Up] To The Plate And Do Something'" "'Other states are apparently much better at it than we are, but it's time for the state of New Hampshire to step to the plate and do something other than having police officers arrest drug addicts,' [Manchester Police Chief Nick] Willard said." (Josh McElveen, "Budget battle slows funds for heroin treatment," WMUR, 7/9/15)