Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan's veto of SB 179, bipartisan legislation that would have established a thirty day residency requirement to vote in New Hampshire:


"Governor Hassan ignored Secretary of State Bill Gardner's sensible advice by vetoing this bipartisan legislation to ensure the integrity of New Hampshire's elections. Secretary Gardner is one of the foremost authorities on New Hampshire election law, and his strong support for a thirty day residency requirement shows that this commonsense approach should have been signed into law. Governor Hassan's decision to veto this bill is partisan politics at its worst. She has made it clear that she is focused on appeasing liberal special interest groups that are pushing her to run for United States Senate instead of doing what is best for New Hampshire."


Secretary of State Bill Gardner supported SB 179 and worked with legislative leadership to ensure it would not infringe on individuals' right to vote. Recently, Secretary of State Bill Gardner stated that New Hampshire has "drive-by voting" and that he has witnessed fraud personally.