Jindal For President - Running to Challenge Establishment - GOP and Democratic


Jindal for President


Jindal Running to Challenge  Establishment- GOP and Democratic 
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Monticello, IA - Bobby Jindal says he “running without permission from headquarters” and that seemed just fine with his audience at a Monday afternoon campaign stop in Monticello.


More than 70 people crowded into the Fancy Fritter Restaurant, normally closed on Mondays, applauded the Louisiana second-term GOP governor’s criticism of the “permanent governing class” that doesn’t live under the same rules as voters in Iowa or Louisiana and the rest of the country.


“We’ve got to fight the establishment,” he said in response to a question about how he will deal with RINOs – Republicans in Name Only.


Jindal, who has been drawing sizable crowds – more than 200 in Cedar Rapids Saturday and 300-plus in Davenport Sunday, drew a sharp distinction between himself and the Washington establishment – Democrat and Republican alike -- that doesn’t want to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act “because it’s too much work.”


“They don’t want to talk about marriage. They saw that as a distraction,” he said. “They really don’t believe that you can shrink the size of the federal government.”




The lunch-hour crowd applauded his defense of traditional marriage, religious liberty and gun rights, his call for securing the southern border, for shrinking the size of government and reducing the nation’s $18 trillion debt.




“We are investing our time here,” Jindal said two weeks ago. “This is my third trip to Iowa since I announced (two weeks ago) and I’ll be back for my fourth trip next week.”


He promised to do dozens of similar town hall meetings to speak directly to voters as he campaigns for support in Iowa's first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses.


“What encourages me is the sense of urgency,” Jindal said. “It gives me hope in America to see this many people come and get involved.”