NHDP - Baseless NHGOP Attacks Should Be Targeted Instead At Walker, Christie and Ayotte






Concord, N.H. – While Governor Hassan remains focused on fighting for a responsible budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire, the Republican Party has launched baseless attacks against the Governor that should instead be targeted at Republicans like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Kelly Ayotte.

Terrified about Kelly Ayotte’s vulnerable re-election, the New Hampshire Republican Party is attacking the Governor, claiming that she might “selfishly” decide to run for Senate, despite the fact that while state legislators are on vacation for the month of July, Governor Hassan remains ready to negotiate a fiscally responsible budget compromise.

Meanwhile, sitting Republican governors Scott Walker and Chris Christie have abandoned their states to run for president, leaving behind budget deficits and plummeting bond ratings to advance their own political ambition. And Kelly Ayotte continues traveling the country to promote herself as a vice presidential candidate while her own re-election is severely at risk.

“Sitting Republican governors Scott Walker and Chris Christie will not be happy to hear that Jennifer Horn and the New Hampshire Republican Party are slamming them for spending roughly half of their time out-of-state promoting their own political ambition instead of solving mounting problems at home,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “While New Hampshire plays host to sitting Republican governors who have ignored their home states to run for president, Governor Hassan is actually doing her job, working to pass a responsible budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire."

Yahoo reports, “So far Christie has spent more than 40 percent of his second term, which began in 2014, outside of New Jersey. Much of that travel was for trips to help lay the groundwork for a national campaign.”

Politifact also found that Scott Walker spent “less than half, or an average of 14 nights per month, in Wisconsin.”

Not to mention that Kelly Ayotte has engaged in significant national political travel as part of her Veepstakes tour, traveling to Mitt Romney’s Utah retreat that WMUR’s John DiStaso described as “a veritable “Who’s Who” of Republican political insiders,” and making not one but two political trips to California in as many weeks.