Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today called on likely Senate candidate Maggie Hassan to denounce President Obama's disastrous deal with Iran that will threaten Israel's security. 


On Friday, NH1 News reported that Governor Hassan weighed in for the first time on international issues as she gears up to use the corner office as a stepping stone for a United States Senate campaign. Hassan issued a statement on her official twitter account claiming that she "fully supports the State of Israel and its right to exist."


"Governor Hassan cannot credibly claim she supports Israel if she refuses to condemn President Obama's reckless deal that will allow the Iranian regime to develop a nuclear weapon in the future. This irresponsible agreement will not only undermine our strong alliance with Israel, but also jeopardize our national security," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "If Governor Hassan is going to continue to explore a campaign for United States Senate and claim to support Israel, she has a responsibility to speak out against the Obama Administration's reckless Iran agenda. Granite Staters have a right to know if likely Senate candidate Hassan is willing to march in lock step with President Obama as he pushes disastrous foreign policies that will make our world a more dangerous place to live."


In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress and vigorously denounced President Obama's proposed deal with Iran. Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that President Obama's Iran deal was a "historic mistake for the world."