NRSC - WMUR: Sununu Criticizes Hassan Over Heroin Grant



Sununu Criticizes Hassan Over Heroin Grant
Josh McElveen
July 13, 2015

It's still a mystery whether Gov. Maggie Hassan will run for U.S. Senate or re-election to the governor's office, but one potential challenger is taking aim at her.

Republican executive councilor Chris Sununu is criticizing Hassan for apparently being in the dark over millions of federal dollars geared toward fighting the heroin problem.

When the governor of Vermont celebrated a $12 million federal grant last week to help wage the war on heroin, it was also learned that New Hampshire would be getting the same money for the same purpose.

But Sununu is quick to point out that while Vermont is already building partnerships with that money, Hassan's office didn't learn about it until News 9 asked about it.

"If you don't know funds like this are coming, what else don't you know is coming?" Sununu said. "What else aren't you engaging the law enforcement community on?"

Sununu said the state must take an active approach on the heroin problem, and that includes planning what to do with the grant money.

"This is real money that can have real effects," he said. "You do need to plan. You don't just figure out on a dime how this money is going to be spent at the last minute."

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