US Rep Guinta on Iran Deal!


WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement today following the announcement that the Obama administration had reached a final agreement in nuclear negotiations with Iran:


“President Obama’s deal with Iran raises major concerns for not only our national security; but, also the overall stability of the Middle East.  First, the deal provides for a ‘where necessary, when necessary’ inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites rather than an ‘anytime, anywhere’ access.  Nuclear inspectors should have unfettered access to verify that the Iranians are comporting with the agreement.  Secondly, the deal relieves economic sanctions with very little in return, which could result in increased terrorist activity.  And, the deal has the potential to set off an arms race in the Middle East as the breakout time needed to create a bomb becomes considerably less. 


This deal is bad for our nation.  It’s bad for our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel.  And, it’s bad for the Middle East region.  I will continue to follow this closely as a vote in Congress nears.”


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