Jindal For President - Time to Investigate

Good afternoon everyone,


Yesterday after the news broke that Planned Parenthood was reportedly trafficking body parts of unborn babies, Governor Jindal directed the State of Louisiana to launch an investigation into Planned Parenthood. You can read some of the stories on it here:


NEWSWEEK: After Video Accuses Planned Parenthood of 'Selling Body Parts,' Bobby Jindal Announces Investigation  


THE HILL: Republicans seize on Planned Parenthood video


BREITBART: Jindal Announces Planned Parenthood Investigation, Halts Licenses for New Abortion Clinic



BAD DEAL: Yesterday, the Governor also called on Democrats and Hillary Clinton to oppose the Iran deal. Here’s some of the coverage:


BLOOMBERG: Jindal: Iran Deal Will Make Enemies Stronger, Endanger Israel


CBS NEWS: GOP 2016 candidates put onus on Congress, Hillary Clinton to reject Iran deal



PBS: Gov. Bobby Jindal on rejecting the Iran deal, how U.S. could become a Greek tragedy  


$$$: Here is a great summary of the Jindal finance numbers to use as you cover FEC filings. 


BACK TO IOWA: Tomorrow, the Governor will hit the trail and head back to Iowa for a 6 day swing. I’m personally looking forward to coverage of the pancake breakfast on Saturday in Indianola. If we all started our Saturdays with pancakes we would be better off. 


Also, if you didn’t receive the full list of events for this Iowa trip, please let us know and we’ll get you the details asap.


Look forward to seeing you out on the trail,