FROM: Jennifer Horn, NHGOP Chairman


TO: New Hampshire and National Press


RE: Hillary Clinton's Arrogant NH Campaign


DATE:  July 16, 2015


Hillary Clinton may be trying to "reset" her campaign after an underwhelming launch, re-launch and years of an antagonistic relationship with the press and public, but Clinton can't escape her history of inaccessibility, lack of transparency and outright dishonesty.


In recent visits to New Hampshire, Clinton has disgraced the First-in-the-Nation primary process with staged events, a refusal to answer serious questions and closed-off nature that runs completely contrary to the Granite State's grassroots, retail tradition.


According to an Associated Press survey released today, "voters aren't sold on [Hillary Clinton's] reinvention: Only 4 in 10 voters say they view Clinton as 'compassionate.' Just 3 in 10 said the word 'honest' described her either very or somewhat well."


It's no surprise that recent polls show Bernie Sanders within the margin of error of Hillary Clinton. As a self-described socialist, Sanders may be dangerously out-of-touch with America on the issues, but the Sanders campaign has at least respected New Hampshire's First-in-the-Nation presidential primary by taking unfiltered questions, answering authentically and allowing press legitimate access.


Hillary Clinton's notoriously isolated campaign will be visiting New Hampshire today for a full day of choreographed events. Clinton's utter disregard for a free and open press goes back decades, and the New Hampshire Republican State Committee would like to provide a few tips and tricks for covering Clinton in New Hampshire.



  • Expect to walk into a Clinton event only to be told the entire venue is off the record (and you're not allowed to tweet either!)

New York Times: "The meeting had been arranged through Jesse Ferguson, a campaign press minder, who in advance of my arrival sent me an email that said the following: 'The ground rules we've had with others in our office is that the office itself is OTR,' meaning off the record. 'I don't want to get into a contest of people tweeting pic from our office to show they were there.'...it was not clear to me how you could declare a 40,000-square-foot space off the record" (Mark Leibovich, "Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton," New York Times, 7/16/15)

  • Bring a pair of scissors as you may need to cut yourself free from a restrictive press rope meant to keep you from getting close to the candidate

CBS: "Nothing says freedom on Independence Day like corralling reporters with a rope to keep them away from Hillary Clinton as she marches in a July 4th parade. Clinton's advance team used a rope to separate the press from the Democratic presidential candidate as she walked the parade route, at times dragging the cranky reporters down the road." (Jacqueline Alemany, "Clinton campaign gives new meaning to the term 'rope line' at New Hampshire parade," CBS, 7/4/15)

  • Don't rely on a pool for coverage as the pool reporter may be kicked out of and prohibited from covering the event

Daily Mail: "The Clinton campaign denied access to the designated print pool reporter in New Hampshire this morning." (Chris Spargo, "Hillary Clinton campaign denies access to DailyMail.com political editor as Monday's pool reporter in New Hampshire," Daily Mail, 6/15/15)

  • If you need to use the restroom, refrain from asking for directions as you may be told to "hit the woods"

Townhall: David Martosko Tweet: 'Latest @HillaryClinton development: Sec. Service agent won't let me into the YMCA venue to go to the bathroom, says 'Hit the woods.'" (Aaron Bandler, "Hillary Campaign Tells Reporter to 'Hit The Woods,'" Townhall, 6/15/15) 

  • Be sure to follow directions exactly or you may be told to "go to the end of the line"

Fox News: "One of them approaches her to ask for her signature. 'Sign this please?' she asks. Clinton responds, 'If you go to the -- go to the end of the line.' She again says, 'Why don't you go to the end of the line.'" (Staff, "Clinton to autograph seeker: 'Go to the end of the line,'" Fox News, 6/2/15)

  • When interviewing event attendees that identify as "everyday Americans," inquire further as they may actually be coached "partisans with political connections"

Daily Mail: "Clinton's campaign has already taken heat for depicting at least three people in her campaign launch video as 'everyday' Americans who were actually partisans with political connections." (David Martosko, "Campaign staff DROVE 'ordinary' Iowans to Hillary's first campaign stop - including health care 'lobbyist in training' who was an Obama campaign intern and Biden chauffeur," Daily Mail, 4/16/15)

  • Don't expect to get anything on the record from the campaign as any comment is likely to be anonymous, including important state secrets such as New Hampshire voters should expect to be "seeing a lot of (Clinton) in the months ahead"

Nashua Telegraph: "The Hillary Clinton campaign staged an event for the New Hampshire media last week that struck us as the antithesis of what the New Hampshire primary is about...There was little or no substance to it, and certainly not enough to warrant using unnamed sources." (Editorial, "Event was the antithesis of what NH is about," Nashua Telegraph, 5/21/15)


For media outlets wishing to cover candidates with respect for the important role of the press, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee recommends covering any Republican candidate for president.