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Granite Staters' Opinions: CSNH conducts a poll 


 As WMUR reported earlier this week, our organization conducted a poll to get Granite Staters' thoughts on their elected officials and on various important issues.

In case you missed it, you can click HERE to read the full article.   

Another Veto: Gov. Hassan vetoes bill that would have limited voter fraud  
 Gov. Maggie Hassan has continued her trend of vetoing good, bipartisan legislation that would benefit Granite Staters. On Friday, she vetoed a bill that would have required a person to live in New Hampshire for 30 days before being allowed to register to vote.

It is a shame that New Hampshire families continue to suffer as Gov. Hassan blocks important bills, like this one, that would help fight voter fraud in the Granite State. It is time for the governor to stop thinking about the next step in her own career and start thinking about what is in the best interest of New Hampshire.

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