NHDP - ICYMI: Senate Finance Hearing Confirms Legislators Ignored Governor Hassan on HHS Budget



Overestimated Carry-Forward

Concord, N.H. – The Union Leader reported that at yesterday’s Senate Finance hearing, Republican Senators confirmed they had ignored what Governor Hassan has been saying about DHHS for months, leading them to use inflated carry-forward numbers that rendered their budget unbalanced.
The Union Leader points out, “Department officials and Hassan had warned budget writers about a year ago the agency was facing a significant shortfall due to an increase in Medicaid caseloads not associated with the Medicaid expansion program.” But apparently Republican Senators weren’t paying attention.
Chuck Morse said, “Without knowing (the adjusted figures)… I don’t know how we can go back and rebalance this budget,” admitting that the Republican budget is unbalanced while ignoring the fact that it was Republicans who made the choice to use funds that weren’t actually available in their fiscally irresponsible proposal.