Perry For President - Statement on President Obama Taking Iran Nuclear Deal to UN

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s move to take the Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations Security Council before Congress has a chance to review it:

“When it comes to his Iran deal, President Obama appears to believe that the approval of the United Nations is more important than the approval of Congress or the American people. Now that the UN Security Council has approved the deal, our system of extensive, multilateral sanctions on Iran will unravel.

Even if Congress can muster a veto-proof majority to reject this deal, it now cannot stop the process of loosening international sanctions, and the next president will be faced with an enormous challenge to re-build an international cooperative effort of the same magnitude. As the deal reads, even if the United States considers imposing/re-imposing sanctions on Iran for any reason, Iran will have a pathway to exit the agreement, escape limitations on its nuclear program, and dash towards a bomb. These kind of problematic provisions that handicap future policy options for the president and Congress stand as the primary reason for full Congressional review.

The president and Secretary Kerry have now fully traded not only the legal right of Congressional examination, but also the long-term peace and stability of the Middle East in favor of a naïve diplomatic ‘victory'.”