NHDP - John Kasich visits NH on Fifth Anniversary of Wall Street Reform




Concord, N.H. –  Today is the fifth anniversary of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act becoming law. The law is working to make our banking system safer, protecting us from another financial crisis and holding Wall Street accountable.

But John Kasich, a former Wall Street alum, probably won’t talk about Wall Street reform while on the trail in New Hampshire this week. He thinks the Wall Street reform bill went overboard,” and wants to let Wall Street start writing the rules again.

Kasich isn’t the only one. Jeb Bush opposed Wall Street reform, Marco Rubio called it  “disastrous,” and Rand Paul called the consumer protections “exactly the wrong thing,” and even pushed to repeal efforts to rein in Wall Street.

“John Kasich said himself that he had a 'fantastic time' working for a Wall Street firm in the middle of the global financial crisis, but Granite Staters didn’t have a fantastic when the Wall Street crash that our economy at risk,” said Ray Buckley, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair.  “Kasich’s support for Wall Street over consumer protections is just like his record in Ohio - elevating the interests of the few over middle class families just like every other GOP candidate.”