NH House leadership response to Gov. Hassan Going to the Press First with Budget Proposal

The following is a response from House leadership to Governor Maggie Hassan’s press conference held this morning at the State House in Concord:


“It is unfortunate that Governor Hassan, rather than sitting down with legislative leaders to have a substantive discussion about her proposal, has chosen instead to hold a press event, inviting only members of her own party.  That clearly demonstrates a lack of bipartisanship and the people of New Hampshire deserve better than someone governing via press conference,” said House Majority Whip Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack).”


“We only received a copy of the proposal after the governor’s press conference had started. At first glance these seem to be nothing more than warmed over proposals that have already been floated and rejected.  Perhaps the governor’s time would be more wisely spent discussing these matters with legislators in person rather than trying to negotiate these important issues through a press conference,” Rep. Hinch added.


House Speaker Shawn Jasper  said that Republicans continue to stand by the responsible budget that was sent to the governor.  “It funds our state’s priorities in education, social services and transportation without raising taxes or fees, while making New Hampshire more competitive in retaining and recruiting companies that would create jobs and boost our economy.  Our budget also addressed the most pressing public safety money that would deal with the heroin epidemic currently gripping our state,” said Speaker Jasper.