- Parents risk jail for their kids


Tesla gets $295M in cap & trade credits for technology not offered to customers

The credits came through a government program that was supposed to encourage Tesla to promote its new battery-swap technology, but the program didn't require evidence that the company actually provided the service.
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In D.C., parents risk jail to get students into highly ranked schools
Many parents in the D.C. area are risking jail time to send their kids to better schools in other districts. Could more school choice programs be part of the solution?


A big fight over a natural gas pipeline project divides Massachusetts
Even though it could save ratepayers billions, critics have lined up to oppose a proposed natural gas pipeline that would service customers in Massachusetts and New England.


Health Care
If Gov. Kasich is on the Republican ticket, Obamacare repeal is off the table
Most of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s arguments for expanding Medicaid coverage under Obamacare sound like they were written by Democratic strategists. If he's on the GOP presidential ticket, Obamacare repeal won't be an option.


Obama commutes life sentence of ‘nonviolent’ drug dealer charged with death threat

The federal prison system may be full of incarcerated nonviolent offenders, but Stephen Donovan isn’t exactly the unfortunate, incarcerated soul the mainstream media and Obama administration make him out to be.
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Next battle in the sharing economy war: Worker classification


The big question threatening to upend the sharing economy business model of companies like Uber and TaskRabbit is how to classify the people providing services. Are they employees, or contractors?