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Climbing Maggie: Launching a new digital campaign 
As WMUR reported last evening, our organization is beginning an aggressive, state-wide, digital campaign this week. The advertisement highlights Governor Maggie Hassan's willingness to climb over the most vulnerable Granite Staters in order to move up the political ladder.

We believe that Granite Staters deserve a full-time governor who fights for them and their families every day of the week. Regrettably, with Governor Maggie Hassan, we have an ineffective and hyper partisan career politician who focuses solely on her allegiance to liberal Washington special interests as she steps on the most vulnerable to get ahead.


From drastic cuts to nursing homes to her ongoing support for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion regardless of its negative implications, Governor Hassan has made it clear that she is more concerned with climbing the political ladder than the welfare of Granite State families.


Click HERE to watch the digital advertisement. 


Another Veto: Gov. Hassan vetoes a tax reform bill that would have saved jobs
Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed SB 550 this week, a tax reform bill, that if signed into law, would have given important business profits tax clarification that would have kept jobs in the Granite State.


Her veto was despite a report found in last Friday's Portsmouth Herald, which said New Hampshire's job growth "remains on a disappointing path," falling behind both the national average and growth in Massachusetts.


Governor Hassan has since said that she "might consider the change" as a part of the budget process.


With Governor Maggie Hassan's willingness to consider these tax changes as a part of the budget process, she has shown that she is well aware of the positive implications it would have on New Hampshire small businesses. Instead, once again, she is trying to use it as a political chit to manipulate the budget process simply to further her own political career.


Granite Staters are well aware that under Governor Hassan's failed leadership, our state is on a dangerous path where New Hampshire job growth is falling behind both the national average and growth in Massachusetts. Despite numerous reports that depict concerning implications for families in our state, our governor has once again refused to embrace bipartisan solutions that would move New Hampshire forward.


An Important Initiative: Allowing those who protect us, to protect themselves 
Sixty-seven New Hampshire state representatives are calling on Governor Maggie Hassan to change the state's policy regarding National Guardsmen being able to carry firearms in order to protect themselves from future harm.

The representatives signed a letter that was delivered to the governor yesterday, requesting a change in policy from no firearms to open or concealed carry, noting that guardsmen have a right of self-protection that the current policy challenges.

Click HERE to read more about the initiative.  



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